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North Carolina Paper Criticizes Harassment of Grateful Dead Fans


April 1993

The Chapel Hill Herald took the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation to task for a deceptive drug stakeout on a major interstate highway staged as fans arrived to hear the rock group the Grateful Dead. The searches stemming from the stakeout were unconstitutional, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (Editorial, "What A Long, Strange Trap It's Been," Chapel Hill Herald, 3/26/93, p. 4).

The massive mobilization of police in anticipation of the band's arrival was chronicled in the local media, including a front-page story in the Chapel Hill News (Lee Wesibecker, "Deception A Tool In Drug Stakeout," Chapel Hill News, 3/24/93, A1; Anne Blythe, "Jerry's Kids Arrive: Grateful Dead Faithful Have Cops On Overtime," Chapel Hill News, 3/24/93, A1).