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Escobar Now Subjected to Terror by Former Allies


April 1993

Pablo Escobar is being hunted and terrorized by former allies who endured family members killed or terrorized by Escobar when he was still running a large part of the Colombian cocaine trade (James Brooke, "Old Drug Allies Terrorizing Escobar," New York Times, 3/4/93, A10).

Escobar, on the run since escaping from a Colombian luxury prison July 22, 1992, has seen former allies kill over 20 of his associates and destroy $8 million worth of Escobar family property. Ranches, chalets, and automobiles of the Escobar family, including a prized antique car collection, have been torched. A group called Pepes, a Spanish acronym for People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar, has taken responsibility for the acts.

Members of Pepes come mainly from survivors of the Galeano and Moncada families, who reportedly lost 50 family members in a purge ordered by Escobar last June, according to the Times. Escobar made additional enemies after his escape by kidnapping allies to force payment of tribute to provide funds for his terrorist war against the Colombian government.