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Impairment Testing Effective, DOT Told at Hearing


April 1993

Mark Silverman, president of Performance Factors, Inc., Alameda, CA, told the DOT at its hearing on March 4 on proposed rules for drug and alcohol testing that impairment testing is more effective in assuring transportation safety than simple drug testing. Silverman pointed out that 30% of truck driver accidents were due to fatigue according to a 1990 study.

Performance Factors markets a simple computer test called "Factor 1000." Using technology pioneered by NASA, a 30-second video game measures hand-eye coordination, motor control, and mental alertness.

Silverman said that 4000 employees have been tested by Factor 1000, and companies using the product have reduced truck accidents by 67%, worker's compensation costs by 64% and errors and omissions by 92%.

Richard Eils, president of NOVA Technology, Inc., offers a performance test being used by the FAA for air traffic controllers in Oklahoma City. ("Vendors Promote Performance Testing As Better Way to Measure Impairment," The National Report on Substance Abuse, March 12, 1993, p. 4)