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Medical Marijuana Support Fund Founded


February 1998

The Drug Policy Foundation, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation and Drug Reform Coordination Network have collaborated to set up the Medical Marijuana Support Fund (MMSF) to help patients, doctors and activists help educate the public and policymakers about medical marijuana.

MMSF will make travel funds available for experts to participate in community or legislative hearings where there is a well-conceived, well-organized effort. MMSF will help organizations with legal, strategic and other advice. MMSF will also provide travel funds for expert witnesses for criminal trials in which a defense of medical necessity is being raised by a medical patient who needs to use marijuana.

The MMSF application requests information on the project and budget. MMSF has developed a questionnaire for patients and experts who would be qualified to appear at such hearings.

For application and guidelines, contact : MMSF - Attn: Whitney Taylor, Drug Policy Foundation, 4455 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite B-500, Washington, DC 20008-2328, Tel: (202) 537-5005, Fax: (202) 537-3007, E-mail: <>.