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Man Shot in Erroneous Drug Raid Sues Customs, DEA for $20 Million


January 1993

Donald L. Carlson of San Diego County, California has sued the U.S. Customs Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, and San Diego County for critical injuries he received in an apparently erroneous drug raid at his home on August 25 (AP, "Man Hurt in Drug Raid Seeks $20 Million," Tulsa World, 12/3/92, 10C).

Law enforcement authorities stormed Carlson's home at midnight, allegedly without identifying themselves, and shot him in the thigh, arm, and back. He spent six weeks in intensive care. Officials refused to comment on the claim.

A similar incident occurred about a month later in Ventura, California when a mistaken raid that yielded no drugs or drug-related evidence ended with drug agents shooting to death partially-blind, 61-year old millionaire Donald Scott after he allegedly brandished a gun after agents stormed his home in the middle of the night. (See NewsBriefs December 1992).