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Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics Publishes Recommendations for Clinton


March 1993

Robert Randall and Alice O'Leary of the Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics (ACT), have published a 56-page compendium of recommendations for the Clinton Administration entitled "Marijuana As Medicine: Initial Steps; Recommendations for the Clinton Administration."

The document contains a succinct summary of legal and political developments on marijuana, and useful information in tabular form. ACT has also published, through Galen Press, a number of comprehensive books on the medical marijuana issue, including extensive testimony at Drug Enforcement Administration hearings on the rescheduling of marijuana for medical use. For further information about publications contact: Galen Press, P.O. Box 53318, Washington, D.C. 20009 or call toll-free (800) 444-2524, ext. 78. For information on marijuana's medical use contact: ACT, P.O. Box 21210, Kalorama Station, Washington, D.C. 20009. The telephone number is (202) 483-8595.