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Clinton Seen Shifting From Supply Side to Demand Reduction Tactics


March 1993

The Clinton Administration is shifting from Reagan-Bush era stress on interdiction and foreign source control to a strategy based on education, treatment, and enforcement at the state and local level (Carla Anne Robbins, "Drug War Tactic Shifts as Clinton Aims to Curb U.S. Demand Instead of Supply," The Wall Street Journal, 2/22/93, A6).

The administration has avoided discussing international interdiction efforts, and is expected to make deep cuts in U.S. military training and aid for governments of key cocaine producing nations. In fiscal year 1993, the Bush administration committed some $200 million in military and economic aid to source control efforts in the Andean nations of Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia, most of which may be cut, according to a top State Department aide quoted by The Wall Street Journal.