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Dexter Manley Given 4-Year Sentence


October 1995

Former Washington Redskin Dexter Manley was sentenced to four years in prison in Texas after pleading guilty to two counts of cocaine possession (David Aldridge, "Manley: 4-Year Sentence," Washington Post, August 5, 1995, p. C1).

Manley, 37, was originally charged with four incidents, but two charges were dropped when Manley pled guilty. As was reported in the March issue of NewsBriefs, Manley was arrested and charged on Feb. 16 with possession of a controlled substance. Police had been called to Manley's motel room after he threatened to commit suicide. He agreed to be admitted on an involuntary basis at the Sam Houston Spring Branch Hospital for at least 90 days.

He remained there for four months, but later was arrested after a traffic stop in Houston. In that incident, he fled from police and tried to escape down the highway on foot.

Manley pled guilty to possession of a controlled substance in incidents on Nov. 13 of last year and July 26 of this year.

Manley was a defensive end with the Redskins for two Super Bowl victories in 1983 and 1988. On December 21, 1991 he retired from the National Football League after he was banned for having failed drug tests on four occasions. He played in the Canadian football league for a season in 1993.

[Perhaps Manley should not have gone to Texas. Four years imprisonment for simple possession by a guy who is clearly an addict is cruel and unjust! -- EES]